You can redeem your One Harmony points for a variety of items, such as confectionery, draft beer, wine , etc.
Enjoy those redemption items with superior meals.


image: Coffee 300 points

Coffee 300 points

image: Ice Cream 350 points

Ice Cream 350 points

image: Wine (Red or White, served with glass) 350 points

Wine (Red or White, served with glass) 350 points

image: Draft Beer 350 points

Draft Beer 350 points

image: Almond Jelly 350 points

Almond Jelly 350 points

<Offering Restaurant>

  • Restaurant Nihonbashi(Tokyo Shoken Building)
  • Chinese Restaurant Toh-Ka-Lin(Nihonbashi Muromachi Nomura Building)
  • Chinese Restaurant Toh-Li(Shinjuku Nomura Building)
  • Wine & Dining Duke(Shinjuku Nomura Building)
  • Seibu Tokubetsu Shokudo(Seibu Ikebukuro Honten)
  • Chinese Restaurant Toh-Gen (Seibu Shibuya A-8F)
  • Okura Chinese Restaurant Toh-Li(Kokoria Tama-center)
  • Hotel Okura Garden Terrace(Tokyo National Museum)
  • Hotel Okura Restaurant Yurinoki(Tokyo National Museum)
  • Restaurant Seaside(Hotel Seaside Edogawa)
  • Okura Cafe & Restaurant Medico(Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
  • Okura Cafe & Restaurant Medico(Kudanzaka Hospital)
  • Okura Restaurant Sky Carrot(Carrot Tower)
  • Chinese Restaurant Toh-Gen(SOGO Yokohama)
  • Hotel Okura Tavern Kashiwa(Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall)
  • Chinese Restaurant Toh-Gen(SOGO Chiba)
  • Okura Cafe & Restaurant Medico(Tsuchiura Kyodo General Hospital)

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*As of June 2021


  • Available items vary by restaurants. For details please ask restaurant.
  • Items and offering restaurants are subject to change without advance notifications.
  • Items are subject to being unsold.

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